Growing and shaping young entrepreneurs through training, coaching and mentoring to create for-profit businesses in the developing world.


GP ignites ambition 

for business education and entrepreneurship, and provides the practical experience necessary to apply it to real life situations.

GP opens the door

to empowerment and places Preneurs on a path to prosperous futures for themselves and their communities.

GP transforms mindsets

by opening growing preneurs’ eyes to the opportunities that surround them, and then giving them the necessary tools to go after them effectively


I'm Val and I am on a journey that began over a decade ago with the loss of my first job, in college. After battling and overcoming depression, I experienced a series of events that ultimately led me into alignment with my true purpose--entrepreneurship 

I started as a hairstylist at the age 21, doing hair in my parents’ kitchen as a side hustle. Since then, I’ve accomplished a lot--I’ve owned several successful businesses, designed and manufactured my own product, developed brand campaigns for celebrity clients and started a family. I’ve had moments of great triumph, and heartbreaking moments that felt like the end of the road. Through it all I persevered to become who I am today. I was once a young entrepreneur and I wish I had more direction at a young age. My purpose is bigger than me, I am Passionate about empowering entrepreneurs, I offer a decade of experience, knowledge, and wisdom for young entrepreneurs to tap into.